3 Quick Fixes For Your Microwave Problems


A microwave is a great invention that can really hurry up the food preparation process. A broken microwave can really put a hitch in your food-making style. Here are a few quick fixes to common microwave issues you may encounter.

#1 Running But Not Heating

If the timer on your microwave is working, and the turn table is moving, but your microwave is not producing any heat, the issue could be really simple. First, make sure that you didn't turn the timer function on your microwave.

The timer function will make it seem like your microwave is counting down or running like normal but not heating. It is designed to work literally just as a timer, like the timer function on your stove. It is easy to accidently turn this on and assume your microwave is not working.

Next, make sure that the door on your microwave is working properly. Firmly push the door closed without slamming it. If the door is not latching properly, your microwave will not run. Your microwave is designed to only work when the door is properly closed. If the door isn't closing you will need to get the door repaired.

#2 Moisture In Your Microwave

Moisture in your microwave is perfectly normal and is not an indication that something is wrong with your microwave. You are more likely to see moisture in your microwave when you are cooking foods that have a lot of moisture in them or when you are cooking foods for a long period of time.

The moisture should disappear from inside of your microwave within about fifteens after you stop using it. Steam may even come out from around the door when you are using your microwave. If it takes longer than fifteen minutes or so for the moisture to evaporate out of your microwave, the air vents may need to be cleaned.

#3 Turn Table Isn't Moving

The turn table in your microwave helps ensure that the food inside of your microwave is properly cooked. If it is not turning, you can most likely fix the issue on your own. First, make sure that the turntable is centered and is sitting properly on the turntable mechanism. Make sure that the turntable plate is facing upwards and in the correct direction. Then, make sure that any food or debris has been removed from the table and the wheels of the table.

If the turn table still isn't moving, check and see if your microwave has a button that turns the turntable on and off. If so, turn it off and back on.

If you can't troubleshoot and fix your microwave on your own, call in for professional assistance from companies like Capital City Appliance to get your microwave working again. 


26 September 2017

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