Clothing Coming Out Stinky? How To Repair Your Washing Machine


When you wash your clothing, it should come out smelling cleaner than when it went in. If they aren't coming out smelling clean, the problem may be with your washing machine as opposed to your clothing. Your washing machine may not be tumbling your clothing, it may not be dispensing soap, or it may be clogged with debris that is causing your clothing to smell. If you have odors in your machine, or your clothing smells, there are a few things you can check on your machine, or repairs that can be made. Read on for some helpful information to guide you.

Clean Your Machine

Clean out the inside of the machine by wiping it down with white vinegar or bleach. Clean the entire inside, as well as in the detergent bins. Remove the bins if you can and wipe down the top ring around a top-loading machine. In a front-loading machine, you need to wipe down the gasket near the door, which can accumulate with all types of debris that will begin to stink with time.

Clear The Detergent Dispenser

Clear the liquid detergent bin dispenser and the hose, which may have gotten clogged with time. You will more than likely have to disassemble this part of your washing machine in order to get to the dispenser all the way. Clear the hose to ensure it is dispensing liquid detergent to the washing machine and is washing your clothing properly. Run hot water through the hose or replace the hose if you need to.

Inspect The Wash Tub

If the wash tub is not rotating your clothing or tumbling the clothing, all of your clothing is not getting as clean as it should. Soap may still be on your clothing, and some of your clothing may not even be getting wet in a front-loader, or in a top-loader, your clothing may be soaking wet. Inspect the tub and make sure it is rotating and tumbling as it should. Make the necessary repairs to the wash tub.

Clean Out The Lint Trap

The lint trap may be clogged with debris such as lint and other items. The lint tray may be at the base of the dryer and there may be an access panel at the bottom, or it may have its own access. Clean out the trap of all debris and rinse out the filter to remove excess lint and any mildew that may have accumulated.

If you have a stinky washing machine, or the machine is not washing your clothing as it should, use the information above to help you make the necessary repairs to your machine. If you continue to have an issue, hire a professional appliance repair company to help you. For more info, reach out to a local service.


16 January 2023

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