3 Tips For Buying The Right Gas Furnace For Your Needs


As the weather becomes cooler, this is the time many homeowners start thinking about their gas furnaces, whether it is time to repair or replace the system. If you are considering a replacement, there are several features to help you select the right gas furnace.

Think Big

When choosing a gas furnace, the size of the unit will make a significant difference in its efficiency and effectiveness at heating your home. The company you choose for your next furnace will make recommendations based on the space available for installation and the size of your home. If you have the extra funds available, it will not hurt to go up to the next size for your gas furnace. One of the advantages of having a furnace that is slightly larger than you need is that it will likely be more efficient since it will cycle on and off less frequently. Additionally, since a larger furnace will heat your home more effectively, it should need fewer repairs over the lifetime of the system since it will have less wear-and-tear.

Consider AFUE

Annual fuel use efficiency (AFUE) is an important indicator of the efficiency of a system. You should pay special attention to the AFUE ratings for each system in your price range and try to select an option with the highest efficiency rating. Some types of gas furnaces are capable of gaining near-perfect efficiency. Of course, there will be trade-offs. Generally, the more efficient the system, the more costly it is and it will cost more to install. If you plan to be in your home for many years, you will likely recoup some of the extra costs in lower utility bills and possibly less frequent repairs.

Choose Extra Features

Many gas furnaces have extra features that not only improve efficiency but will make your home more comfortable. One example is variable heat output. These systems are capable of changing the amount of heat they emit, which makes them more efficient. If your home is especially cold, the system might turn on at its highest output to quickly increase the temperature inside. But once the home is at the temperature you selected on your thermostat, it may be unnecessary for the system to run at full capacity to maintain that temperature. Therefore, subsequent times, your system can run at a lower heat output and continue to keep your home comfortable. Not only will this prevent your home from overheating, but it reduces the burden on your system.

Selecting the right furnace is vital for keeping your home comfortable, but also preventing your utility bills from skyrocketing. Choosing the right combination of features will give you the best of both worlds.


19 October 2017

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