4 Important Things To Know About Installing A Propane Tank Underground


If you want to use propane to fuel your home, but you don't want to have an unsightly propane tank sitting on your property, you can bury your propane tank. Burying your propane tank will allow you access to propane as a fuel source in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.

#1: You Need a Location Away from Traffic

In order to install an underground propane tank on your property, you need a location that is away from traffic where you can place the tank. Similar to an underground septic system, you don't want the dirt above the propane tank to get compressed.

Dirt gets compressed through vehicle traffic and constant foot traffic, which is why you need a location where you will not park vehicles or where you will walk too much.

#2: You Need Lots of Space

When you install an underground propane tank, you need lots of space around the tank. You are going to want the location of the tank to be at least ten feet away from any structure on your property, as well as ten feet from your property line. This space helps ensure that your property and home are safe even if your propane tank is damaged or destroyed.

#3: You Need to Excavate Your Yard

Before installing your propane tank, you will need to excavate your yard. During this process, you need to make sure you know where all the other pipes are that run to your home so you can make sure not to hit them during the excavation process. You will need to dig down deep for your propane tank. The size of the hole for the tank will exceed the size of the propane tank. The exact dimensions depend upon the size of the tank you install.

#4: Running the Pipe

You are going to need to run a pipe from your propane tank to your home so that you can power the appliances you use propane gas for. This is going to require the assistance of a professional in order to ensure the pipe is safely installed.

Installing a propane tank underground is a great way to use propane as a fuel source without having the propane tank dominate the landscape in your yard. When installing a buried propane tank, you need to keep it away from your home and find a location underground where you can place the tank that will not interfere with any other underground systems.

For more information, contact a propane tank installation service.


17 April 2020

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