How To Take Care Of Common Microwaves Issues


If you have had your microwave for a while, then you may have started to experience performance issues with it. It is important to know what issues you can take care of on your own, and when you need to bring your microwave to a professional to repair.

Issue #1: Touchpad Doesn't Work

In order to operate your microwave, you have to use the touchpad on the outside of the unit. The touchpad tells the unit what you are cooking, how long the food needs to cook, and the speed at which the turntable needs to move. Without a functioning touchpad, you will not be able to use your unit.

If your touchpad isn't responsive, more than likely, the control board or membrane switch is faulty. The membrane switch is what sends information to your microwave and can get worn out over years of usage. The control board is what provides the power for the commands you enter into the unit and can also wear down over time.

If your touchpad isn't working, bring it to a microwave repair service that will be able to easily take your unit apart and replace the damaged components.

Issue #2: Not Heating Up

If your microwave will turn on, but it is not actually letting out heat and warming up your food, that usually means one or two components are damaged. The magnetron, which is what emits the heat that cooks your food, may be faulty. Or the high voltage diode, which is what provides the power to the magnetron to heat up your food, may be faulty. These parts can be hard to get to on your own, which is why if your unit isn't making heat, you should take it to a professional to replace these components.

Issue #3: Not Turning ON

If your microwave is not turning on, you are going to want to first make sure it is plugged in and getting power. If it is plugged in and getting power, the door switch may be faulty. The door switch has to signal that the door is closed before cooking will begin. This is something that you can easily replace on your own. If the door isn't staying shut, this is most likely the issue.

If the door is shutting properly, then a thermal or ceramic fuse inside of the unit may be broken. In that case, you will need a professional to replace the broken thermal or ceramic fuse.

When it comes to taking care of your microwave, if it will not heat up, turn on, or the touchpad doesn't work, you are going to want to contact a professional to get fix replacing the damaged components and getting the unit working again.


1 October 2020

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