Three Factors To Consider Before Buying Refrigerator Parts For Repairs


When your refrigerator malfunctions or breaks down, chances are it results from a malfunctioning or damaged component. Thus when you take the fridge to an appliance repair shop, they will most likely recommend the fridge parts that need to get replaced.

However, buying replacement fridge parts is not an easy task because if you make the mistake of purchasing the wrong parts, you could end up causing more harm than good to your fridge. Additionally, if you buy replacement fridge parts that are not compatible with your fridge's brand and model, the replacement parts could lead to additional issues or fail to work.

Thus, before purchasing replacement refrigerator parts, it is advisable to consider the following factors.

Do You Have the Right Specifications?

Quite often, especially for DIY fridge repairs, most people make the mistake of buying replacement refrigerator parts without understanding the specifications of the features they need. As a result, the replacement fridge parts they buy tend to malfunction quickly or result in additional problems in the fridge.

You see, all appliances are not the same. Thus, the specifications of the components used in one fridge may differ from another, even if the same brand manufactures them. Therefore, whether you are getting your fridge repairs from an appliance repair shop or attempting to DIY the repair, it is advisable to research or consult an appliance technician on the correct specifications for the refrigerator parts you need.

OEM Versus After-Market

Like any other piece of equipment, you need to decide whether you will invest in OEM or aftermarket refrigerator parts. OEM parts get manufactured by the same brand that manufactured your fridge, whereas third-party manufacturers manufacture aftermarket parts.

Though both options are viable as replacement refrigerator parts, they differ in terms of costs. As far as OEM refrigerator parts are concerned, they are more expensive, but they also may work within your warranty. However, aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts but may void your warranty.

If you opt for aftermarket refrigerator parts, it is essential to consider if the amount of money you save. It is advisable to consult an appliance technician on the best type of fridge parts to buy. In some cases, a technician may recommend OEM parts because of their reliability, while in some cases, they may recommend aftermarket parts because you get to save money.

Used versus New Parts

After deciding whether to buy OEM or aftermarket refrigerator parts, it is also essential to determine if you want new or old refrigerator parts used as replacements. Typically, you can get used refrigerator parts in mint condition that perform as well as new parts. 

However, suppose the refrigerator part you want to buy is sensitive to the fridge's overall functionality. In that case, it is advisable to buy a brand-new replacement fridge part instead of a used one because it guarantees optimum efficiency.

However, used parts can help you save money because they are cheaper than new ones. Nonetheless, it is advisable to buy used parts only when they are not too essential to the fridge's overall performance.


12 July 2021

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