Moved Into A New Home With An Old Dryer? Two Common Problems You May Have With The Dryer


If you moved into a new home and the previous owners left behind some appliances, this can be very helpful for you. If one of these appliances is a dryer and the dryer is old, it may work fine for you. It could, however, start having problems due to its age. To help you, below are two of these problems so you will know what to do if anything happens to your dryer.

20 March 2018

How To Replace A Microwave Fuse


If your microwave quit running, it is likely because of a bad fuse. Microwaves are equipped with a fuse, which has a wire enclosed in ceramic housing. When the unit overloads, the fuse wire burns, but it saves important parts from damage. It is possible to fix this yourself, however; you must exercise caution, since microwaves use higher voltage than other appliances. Replace the fuse by following these tips. Prepare to Replace the Fuse

5 January 2018

3 Tips For Buying The Right Gas Furnace For Your Needs


As the weather becomes cooler, this is the time many homeowners start thinking about their gas furnaces, whether it is time to repair or replace the system. If you are considering a replacement, there are several features to help you select the right gas furnace. Think Big When choosing a gas furnace, the size of the unit will make a significant difference in its efficiency and effectiveness at heating your home.

19 October 2017

Professional Stove Repair: How To Know If You Need This


Since you most likely get a lot of use out of both the stove top burners and the oven portion of the appliance, you will want to know what to look for when it comes to having a need for professional appliance service and repair assistance. Here are some of the signs that indicate the need for professional help: Food Is Not Being Evenly Cooked In The Oven Your food should cook just as fast on the bottom as it does on the top.

17 October 2017

Repair Tips For A Clogged Laundry Machine Drain


After prolonged use, you may find that your washing machine does not drain properly. A number of factors could be responsible for this, so check out these repair tips. Finding the Clog The first culprit is lint and soap build-up, either in the machine's drain tube or in the drain leading from the washer. The problem could also be due to a faulty pump inside the washer. The first step is, therefore, to find out where the clog is.

3 October 2017

3 Signs Your Washing Machine Is About To Break Down And Needs Repairing


If your washing machine has started acting up and is no longer cleaning your clothes properly, you may wonder if you should have it fixed before it breaks down completely. If your machine is exhibiting any of the problems below, and you are unable to find a simple solution, you may need to have a professional repairman take a look at it. Slow Agitation During the wash and rinse cycles, the drum moves with the agitator to swish the clothes around to either clean or remove soap from them.

2 October 2017

3 Quick Fixes For Your Microwave Problems


A microwave is a great invention that can really hurry up the food preparation process. A broken microwave can really put a hitch in your food-making style. Here are a few quick fixes to common microwave issues you may encounter. #1 Running But Not Heating If the timer on your microwave is working, and the turn table is moving, but your microwave is not producing any heat, the issue could be really simple.

26 September 2017